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Parker offers the widest range of specialty, industrial, hybrid and hydraulic hose in the industry. Our comprehensive line includes low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure pneumatic and hydraulic hoses that are resistant to heat, ozone, weather, chemicals

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A: The carbon in Teflon® is what makes it static dissipative. The reason Teflon® has to have carbon added is that it is such a wonderful insulator. Good insulators are bad when it comes to static charges. The 7P hose is not Teflon®, so the material itself is static

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Electro Static Dissipative – ESD Rubber Fenders Foam Filled Fenders Cone Fenders Arch Fenders Non-marking TPE Fenders UHMW-PE Sliding Fenders Cell Fenders D Fenders Composite Fenders Marine Fender Bars Shear Fenders Extruded Profile Fenders


At Ducting we offer conductive hose designed to effectively transport materials and prevent static build-up. Our static dissipative hose features specially made duct materials that allow the hoses to transfer large amounts of material without building up static.

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Antistatic hoses / Conductive hoses By internal friction of transported solids and liquids as well as by its friction at the inner hose wall arises an electrostatic charge, which entails especially in hazardous areas or during the transport of inflammable bulk materials

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Static dissipative hose with copper grounding wire reduces static build-up and is ideal for plastic pellet & powder transfer. Features Extremely flexible with great abrasion resistance Smooth interior assures minimal friction loss, efficient air flow & elimination of

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Static Dissipative Hose Nordfab’s Static Dissipative Hose provides great abrasion resistance and high tear strength as well as superior chemical resistance, excellent flexibility, and tolerance for appliions with wide temperature ranges (-65 F to 225 F).

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Static dissipative polyurethane hose prevents static build-up to avoid explosions. Ideal for clean rooms and material plastic processing. Features Great abrasion resistance & high tear strength Superior chemical resistance & excellent flexibility Designed for

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Knowing when to use static conductive or static dissipative flexible hose can prevent hazards like dust explosions caused from electrical sparks. In one of our most recent blogs we went over why is it important to choose the correct flexible hose, and listed some

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929BJ Parker SAE 100R14B silicone jacketed PTFE hydraulic hose with static-dissipative tube. Uses 91N series crimp-on hose ends. Specifiions

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Materials: Stainless Steel Braided Smoothbore Teflon Stainless Steel Braided Convoluted Teflon Conductive(Black) Teflon

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Braided Chemical Hose Use this conductive hose in a grounded system to eliminate static buildup. The material is blended with carbon black, which conducts static charges away from the hose walls.

FluoroLine® Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Tubing

We extrude static dissipative PFA stripes onto the outside of the tubing that can be grounded. Charge accumulation that develops on the outside of the tube as a result of fluid flow is redirected to external ground paths, maintaining chemical purity, ensuring

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929BJ Parker SAE 100R14B silicone jacketed PTFE hydraulic hose with static-dissipative tube. Uses 91N series crimp-on hose ends. Specifiions

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Certain Pebax ® polymer grades offer a spectrum of antistatic and static-dissipative properties. Unlike many other antistatic technologies, Pebax ® antistatic polymers are permanent and non-migratory. They form an immediate, continuous non-fugitive 3D network

Parker 919-919B PTFE Hose

919/919B – PTFE Hose Features Excellent chemical compatibility Handles extreme temperatures to +450 F Environmentally safe Use hose type 919B with static-dissipative core tube when conveying non-conducting fluids such as oils, paints, fuels, Part


Overview: The Model TD11 is a static dissipative polyurethane hose reinforced with a ridgid external ABS helix and has an eedded copper grounding wire and smooth interior. Uses Left Handed Clamps. Wall thickness is .040" (thru 4") and .045 (5"-8"), and it is

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4-Inch x 10-Feet Clear Dust Collection PU Hose with Copper Wire Reinforcement, Puncture Resistant, Flexible and Antistatic Dust 4.4 out of 5 stars 10 $29.99 $ 29 . 99

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Use hose type 939B with static-dissipative core tube when conveying non-conducting fluids such as oils, paints, fuels, steam, etc. Not suggested for steam-cold water cycling appliions * 28 in/Hg can be obtained by using 2799 internal spring guard. See pg. F

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The Flexaust Flex-Tube FlexStat polyurethane duct hose, used for dust control, food preparation, and light bulk material handling appliions, is a clear, static-dissipative thermoplastic polyurethane hose with an eedded, braided copper grounding wire, reinforced

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Petroleum KanaPower (ST120LT) 32 Tank truck drop hose with static grounding wire; 50% lighter than conventional rubber hose Nitrile rubber static dissipating tube, rigid PVC helix, synthetic braiding, smooth bore, static grounding wire, corrugated O.D. 65 2" to

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Novaflex Static Dissipating Urethane Duct (Wall gauge 0.030") Manufactured using inherently dissipating urethane permanently protects against electrostatic discharge. The static dissipating material with the wire helix allows for safe grounding when used with

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Parker hoses and tubing are integral components of high pressure systems that control motion, and low pressure systems that transfer materials from place to place. The highly engineered products meet or exceed a variety of industry standards, and are offered in a

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An ideal solution for minimizing potential issues related to electrostatic discharge in the fab, maintaining chemical purity, ensuring safety and improving process yields. Extruded stripe on outside of ESD tubing provides a grounding for electrostatic charge buildup in

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Home Duct & Blowers Flexible Hose & Duct SDH Static Dissipation Flexible Duct and Cuffs SDH Static Dissipation Flexible Duct and Cuffs With excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance and clarity, this hose is ideal for use in clean rooms, powder and plastic pellet transfer, material handling and …